Alpen Rausch - Pinnacle of nature

Sweet-smelling alpine meadows and blossoming mountain valleys are the latest terrain for Dr. Spiller. Pure alpine plant extracts add sensory accents and set a new standard in the demanding world of organic cosmetics, as the select natural ingredients in the Alpen Rausch product range provide lasting benefit for every skin type.
It's only natural: Dr. Spiller is aiming high with its new creation. In this case, you can take that literally, as Alpen Rausch brings the power of the Alps to your skin. However, the character of the Alpen Rausch range is in no way high and mighty. In fact, the ingredients have been chosen with down-to-earth values in mind. Just like Mother Nature. Perfectly coordinated products bring together the knowledge gained from over five decades of research into beauty.

In harmony with authentic beauty

The main ingredients don't just help your fantasy blossom. Soothing alpine skullcap, moisturising edelweiss, stimulating gentian and revitalizing rhododendron are just a few of the substances that activate the Alpen Rausch, or thrill of the Alps. The mild cleansing foam, for instance, gently cleanses the skin while the regulating Alpine complex treats demanding combination skin. Anti-aging effects are also included in the alpine formulations. Smoothing care ampoules with intensive concentrates provide a noticeable energy boost. Large areas of skin can, for instance, enjoy the clarifying body peeling: a hydrating deep cleanser that is also perfectly complemented by following it with the relaxing skin oil. The constantly balanced interaction of products provides comprehensive facial and body care.

A healthy radiance through pleasure

A balanced feeling of well-being can also be perfectly harmonized with the fragrant mountain world. Highly-qualified beauty professionals offer a revitalizing timeout with an alpine twist. Depending on your needs, treatments for face and body are customized specifically for your skin type. Phrases such as "breathe pure mountain air" and "feel the authenticity of the Alps" already hint that deep relaxation can be experienced here as a stylish pampering program. The Alpenrausch Ceremony, a 15-minute back massage that offers satisfying moments of pleasure during the subsequent facial treatment, is a real high point. In short: with Alpenrausch, you can experience the re-energizing pinnacle of nature, even without hiking boots.

Certified in accordance with COSMOS ORGANIC

Confidence is better than any form of control. When manufacturing certified organic products, a reliable guide is indispensable because there can only be genuine certainty with a clear understanding. The new certified product line meets the strict "BDIH" regulations (standards for inspected Biocosmetics). Every product is marked with the official European seal of COSMOS ORGANIC as proof of its certified organic quality. COSMOS standards is the first European-wide recognized certification association that regulates an international framework for Natural and Certified Organic products. This non-commercial association provides the consumer optimal insight as to the origins and quality of the raw materials that are being used. This gives the consumer assurance and the choice to select an excellent, high-quality product.